Ingest, Digest, Live

When we sit down to eat a delicious, sumptuous looking meal, we may admire it for a bit, but then we dig in and eat it. If we are eating at home, we make the cook, (in my case, my wife) happy, or in a friend’s home, the host / hostess is always pleased when friends and guests eat and enjoy what has been prepared.

If eating in a restaurant, I am certain the chef, as well as the owner, would have concerns if meals were returned to the kitchen continually, untouched, but admired, with the customers saying how good the food looks, how nice the restaurant is, but not eating the food.

When we have a plate of food, the plan is to ingest it, which is to take it into our mouths, chew and swallow.

Following that tasty procedure, the food enters the digestive system, travelling through until it arrives in our stomach.

Besides enjoyment and pleasure, the consumption of food is to give us energy and strength, to accomplish the tasks God has arranged for us.

I would now attempt to transfer our thinking to a Spiritual realm. Also, in order to live the lives, and accomplish what God has planned for us, we need to feast on His Word, the Bible. It does absolutely no good to have a Bible, or any number of Bibles sitting on a shelf, in a cupboard or drawer, or even as a coffee table display.

The Word of God, the Bible, needs to be read, meditated on, studied, and most importantly, lived out in our lives.

I do believe, many reading this will pray a short prayer before having a meal, giving thanks to God for His Provision.

As we prepare to read the Bible, we should also pray, asking Holy Spirit to prepare our mind and spirit for what we are about to read, and to help us understand what we read. Since Holy Spirit is the One who inspired the authors of old to write the Bible, He is the Perfect One to help us learn and live what the Bible says.

We can pray for Holy Spirit to place the Helmet of Salvation on our heads, to keep our minds focussed on Jesus Christ, and free from interrupting thoughts.

We can also pray for Holy Spirit to place the Breastplate Of Righteousness upon us, preparing us to take in, understand, apply the Truths of God’s Word to our lives.

Reading the Bible can be compared to “ingesting” the Word Of God, as we take it into our being.

Thinking, meditating, studying the Word of God can be compared to the “digestive system” as the Food of the Word, teaching us about He who is the ‘Bread Of Life” Jesus Christ.

Then the Strength and Energy we receive is to complete God’s call on our lives, as we work, play, be neighbourly, live boldly for Christ, in the Power of Holy Spirit, to the Glory of our Heavenly Father.

The Bible is an exciting Book to read, if you are not already reading the Bible, I invite you to start, in fact I challenge you to start. You will benefit and learn.

If this is a new experience, congratulations on starting. I do suggest, don’t read it like a novel or other book, from the front to back. Go to the Book of Matthew, in the New Testament. That is the second part of the Bible, beginning when Jesus Christ left Heaven for thirty three and a half years to come to earth as a baby, grow into a man, normally in every way except that He never did sin, and He died on a cross for my sins, your sins, the sins of all who ever lived. But three days later this same Jesus Christ walked out of the tomb, victorious over death, then after hundreds of people saw Him, Jesus returned to Heaven to sit at the right side of His and our Heavenly Father. He is coming again, could be anytime. Get ready by asking Jesus to forgive your sins.

God Bless

About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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