Middle of Night Ramblings


As we make our way through these COVID19 days, sure we miss getting together with grandkids, other family, and friends as well, knowing all people are going through these times.

But during my middle of the night wonderings and ramblings, I am still thankful to our Lord Jesus for what we do have. We have a home to be safe in, with food and water. We have a son and daughter, with families of their own, who we know are safe also, and they care for us by bringing groceries and dropping them at the door safely.

We definitely are more blessed, or fortunate than some, in that we have a backyard, albeit small, to wander around in safely, and a deck to sit on during warm days or evenings. I do sympathize with any who are in high rise apartments, with no place else to go. I also sympathize greatly with the many people I know, and have known, who are homeless, and now do not even have shelters to go to during the day, due to the pandemic.

Having said all that, and after thinking about it for a while, and praying, my thoughts expanded. Whatever situation we are in, in this country, we are still a blessed and fortunate people.

My thoughts go to persons, in countries in Africa, as well as in the countries of Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and many other Eastern and European, Asian countries, where many don’t have a home, don’t have food or water, and are living in downtrodden areas of total disaster, and then have COVID19 to contend with as well.

Many, or families, with young children, as we see on the News. Some are children alone, who have lost their parents through any number of reasons, including war ravaging their areas. Some are young adults, who really do not know what life holds for them, as they see nothing promising ahead at all. They are always on the run, trying to find a better, safer place to stay, but during these days, borders are generally closed to newcomers, blocking their entrance.

So we can imagine, when people in those circumstances get sick with COVID19, what can they do but suffer and mostly die wherever they are at that time.

When I think of all that, and the suffering of children in those conditions, and the thoughts of parents, wishing they could do more for their children, to give them a good life, a better life than they have experienced so far, or even better than their families have for generations, it is heart breaking.

What can we do as a person, a family, a nation, to assist these poor people in other countries. It was not the fault of any of them that they were born in that particular country. Just as it had nothing to do with me that I was blessed to be born in Canada.

Again, I do realize there are many people in this great country of Canada who are suffering in poverty as well, and that is not right either. We have so much wealth and resources in Canada, no one should be in poverty, if we all took on the responsibility to care for one another. I also believe the government should share in the responsibility in a greater way, to care for those in need, as well as many seniors who are living below the poverty line, with no decent dwelling, or enough money left from Old Age Pension, to eat properly.

Even if the government, (and we are the people, the people of the population of Canada, paying taxes), spent our tax dollars in a wise way to ensure everyone in this country had a decent home, and food money, we would still have money to help other countries where their people are in deeper levels of poverty than we as a country have ever experienced.

I have waited until the end here, to state the fact that I and my wife are Christ followers, believing that every human being ever born is a creation of the Lord God Jehovah, our Creator, and the Creator of all. Therefore, He loves all people, all races, all cultures, equally, and Jesus Christ, the only Begotten Son of God, came to earth, born as a baby, grew into manhood, gave His Life willingly on a cross to die for the sin of all mankind, for all who will repent and ask foregiveness of sin. Jesus did not stay dead, for any who may not know, but was resurrected to Life on the Third Day, by Holy Spirit of God, and stayed on earth another 40 days, and then ascended to His Home in Heaven again, to sit on a throne at the Right Side of His Heavenly Father. As Jesus ascended to Heaven, He promised to return, and take all those to Heaven for eternity, who accepted Him as Saviour, through repentance and asking for forgiveness of sins, and turning from their sinful ways to live as Christ taught, and as the writers of the Bible taught.

We are looking forward to that day, and yet, the longer the time of waiting, the more people will come to know Christ as Saviour and join He and us in Heaven.

From knowing and believing all that, I know it is the will of God for us to care for one another, and to assist others in this country as well as in far off countries, in every way we possibly can. I also know and believe it is God’s will for us to help those in distant lands who are suffering in poverty, by providing means for them to have a stable life, shelter, food, education so they are able to work. Education in some cases, means being able to care for themselves, grow food in gardens, possibly fish, raise farm animals for food and milk.

There are many good organizations already doing that, it does not mean more need to start, it means more of us need to give a bit more of ourselves, of our finances, time if possible, belongings, so others can go and help, or we can go ourselves if at all possible.

God’s Blessings.


About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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