This is an experience too good not to share, hopefully it will encourage each Christ follower who reads it. I know I am encouraged, challenged, and blessed.

Earlier this week, our daughter took her three children shopping for back – to – school clothes, a fun ritual that many families go through I am sure.

While they were in this one store, Breana, our oldest granddaughter, not quite 13 years old, could not help noticing a young sales clerk working in the dressing room area, with cuts all over her legs.

Breana recognized the meaning and cause of the cuts, mentioning it to her Mom, our daughter, and how sorry she felt for this poor girl.

That night, Breana was praying for this hurting sales clerk, and God spoke to her and said, “Go talk to that girl about Me.”

She felt it best to take a note to give the sales clerk, as she would probably be on duty during the day, and below is the note Breana wrote:

“Hi, I was in Old Navy yesterday shopping and saw you working in the dressing room. Something broke inside me when I noticed the cuts and scars on your legs.

I may not know you, your life or really anything about you or what you might be going through, but I know my God does. So I prayed for you last night and asked God to be with you, to guide you and to give you strength and to help you with everything.

I just want you to know that you are not alone and I care along with many others in your life – especially God. You are so loved. There are many reasons to live and not end it. God sees you as amazing and the potential you have in your life. You’re worth so much to Him.

I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and that everything will turn out eventually.

God Bless

Breana Seiling

P.S. I invite you to visit my church – Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly for our Sunday service at 10:00 a.m. Everyone is welcome.”

The next morning, Sarah, our daughter, willingly drove Breana up to the mall again to see if the girl was there. Sure enough, in God’s Plan, she was at the desk by herself, no workers or customers near. Breana approached her with the note in an envelope, nervously handed it towards her, saying, “I saw you here yesterday, and noticed what you have been doing. I just wanted to tell you, God Loves you and has a plan for your life. God Bless you. And then Breana left.

We are praying now for the Spirit of God to minister to this young lady in a powerful way, so she will seek Jesus Christ, and know true Abundant Life.

Breana is so tender toward others, and much of it comes from the fact she came from a dysfunctional home, and at age 8 arrived at Matt & Sarah’s home as a foster child. They loved her so much that she is now adopted into our family and we love her equally as much as our other grandchildren.

I know I can learn from this example of listening for God to speak, listening to God when He speaks, and being obedient to what He says by His Spirit.

God Bless.

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I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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  1. newstart777 says:

    Amen to the entire post.

    “I know I can learn from this example of listening for God to speak, listening to God when He speaks, and being obedient to what He says by His Spirit.”

    I have found in my life these are the moments when miracles happen. These are the moments we as members of our Churches need to stand up and tesify in Church. We should stop worrying about holding up the service or is it noon yet and stand up and take testify what God is actively doing in our lives right now this day. God put this in my heart recently, to begin Testimony Thursday. It shall commence this Thursday. ‘A brief testimony to what God is doing right now in my life. ”

    In those moments we hear his voice asking us to do something, many times even when we believe our faith is strong and we are active and have been for years we still doubt its God speaking. Especially when he ask of us to do something we have never done and doesnt explain why. I love his short to the point way of speaking or asking. Its never convoluted or all this extra talk. Sometimes all he needs to say is ONE word, and the answer or message is clear. Back to Him asking us to do something, i love that he doesnt explain why because in that moment that sets up an opportunity for us to decide to trust Him.
    “Okay Lord, im not sure why your asking me to do this.. But you know what? I know that I dont need to know why, right now I need to help you as you have helped me my whole life. I said I wanted to help and now your asking me to, and I know whatever it is I may not understand it, but YOU do, and if I want more of you in my life, if i want to see your mighty miracles every day then I shall help you right now. Usually its in public, there’s a crowd, or the entire congregation is watching… And as Im writing this, God just opened my eyes to something beautiful, he asks when there’s people around because if we elect to TRUST IN HIM, and start walking and follow through with what He is asking at that precise moment we take a leap of faith -A MIRACLE IS BORN-

    “And let me tell you sister, and sister Breanna, when miracles are born it stregthens my children, and it makes believers out of non believers. It Glorifies me and brings honor to my name. ” ~what God put in my heart just now

    Because Breanna decide to TRUST in HIM. Not in herself. Not in if i can.


    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    I always love to add and carry with me this.
    I can do all things standing IN CHRIST, who stregthens me.

    Lastly, the moments He has asked me to do something I have never done before, in Church, in front of everyone, in those moments I heard him and felt him pull my arm and say “come on, you said you wanted to help” and i said no. I helped last week. How will I look going to the altar again? What!! Are you kidding me?? Why was I thinking about how others would perceive me? Because my eyes werent on Christ. I shifted them back onto him. And said to myself ‘im trusting you Lord, cause you have never failed me” moments later the altar was full… When it was empty.

    Glory be to God. Thanks for sharing!!

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