Another Call To Prayer For Our Canadian Government

This is another post calling Christ Followers to pray for our Government of Canada specifically, and seriously.
Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has caused a law to be passed, effective July 2018, that marijuana will be legal in this country. This means legal to grow, sell, use.

It will be possible for individuals to grow enough for personal use. It will be possible for anyone to apply for a business permit to grow and sell it. The individual provinces were given the task of doing all the preparatory work prior to the date of legalization.

What is meant by “preparatory work”, is licensing those who will be able to grow and sell, setting parameters for where these retail establishments can be set up, setting the age limit for purchase and use, setting the point of impairment such as there is for alcohol, and also finding how to test drivers who may be suspected of impaired driving from use of drugs, or combination of alcohol and drugs.
That is quite a challenge for each province, along with all the regular challenging work these bodies have. The provinces did ask the Prime Minister to extend the legalization date to give them more time, but he was vehemently against it.

I again have the question raised in my mind, wondering if this decision has anything to do with the scheduled election in 2019, since one of his pre-election promises before the previous election, was to legalize marijuana.
When our Prime Minister has been out for photo ops with EMS workers, or apparently showing interest when the opioid epidemic is mentioned, I wonder how much thought he actually does give to the number of overdoses and deaths in the past two years.
I wonder, when he thinks of upcoming elections, that some whom he is counting on to vote for him may no longer be around to vote, following a possible overdose.

Does he realize that not one of these persons who uses, or abuses illegal drugs started out using them, with a plan stating “I choose, or I desire to become addicted to a drug, then having a need to get money through illegal means to keep my habit going.” 

While speaking with a number of people over a period of years, who have been substance abusers, none of them started with the harder drugs. Every person spoken to began the journey they were currently on by smoking some joints of marijuana.
Has our Prime Minister had serious, caring conversations with any drug abusers?
Does our Prime Minister think of the EMS workers who are at the accident scenes, needing to care for and help the injured? Does he think of the police officers who go and knock on the doors of homes, to tell people a family member was just injured, or deceased in an accident caused by a person with impaired judgement due to alcohol or drugs? In our region over the past couple of years, there have been a few major accidents causing death to innocent people, including 3-4 children, while the impaired driver was not injured at all.
My prayer is for our Prime Minister to give more and deeper consideration to ideas he puts forth. I pray that his cabinet and caucus would have the fortitude to stand up to him, giving their thoughts, and making their thoughts known to the general public, so we know where they stand on the issues. I also pray for the opposition members to stand, and continue to fight ideas such as this.
Again I mention that Scripture tells us to pray for our leaders. We can pray for a softening of hearts, an openness of the spirit of each Member of Parliament, so each will hear the nudging of the Spirit of God, even if they do not know who He is, and they will make their judgements and decisions to benefit the whole of the population of this great country of Canada.
Christ Followers in Canada, let’s kneel together in prayer, calling upon our God to change the hearts and minds of our politicians.
God Bless! 

About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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