Deny Your Manhood?

Excellent thoughts. If we do not recognize, and accept authority, this world we live in will keep getting worse.

See, there's this thing called biology...

Rep James Clyburn told the Congressional Black Congress that he had spoken to his grandson about interactions with the cops, a conversation he believed he should never have to have, in which he said, “You’ve got to deny your manhood if you want to ensure that you come home alive.”

I found that fascinating because oddly I understand it.  I’ve had that same conversation with my own children many times, especially the younger ones. Believe it or not, I actually did not grow up privileged believing cops were put on this planet to protect and serve.  I spent my childhood in the 60’s, conflicts with cops were frequent. As a teen, I was often roaming the streets of LA. Both of my parents were arrested more than a few times. I saw a lot, I came to understand how violence escalates violence.

The reason why I had to stress the…

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