Our Lives Have An Effect On Answered Prayer.

“The end of all things is at hand; therefore be self-controlled and sober-minded for the sake of your prayers”. (‭1 Peter‬ ‭4‬:‭7‬ ESV)

This is quite a statement. Peter did not mean he expected the return of Christ imminently, but he did mean that the Salvation plan of God was complete with the death, resurrection, ascension of Jesus Christ, and the out pouring of Holy Spirit at Pentecost.
So, knowing this truth, we Christ Followers have the mandate of the second part of this verse to follow.
It appears that our lifestyle has quite an effect on our prayers. As Peter, inspired by Holy Spirit wrote, “be self-controlled and sober-minded for the sake of your prayers”, our way of thought and life will have an influence on God and how our prayers our answered.

If we live our lives to please ourselves, and periodically call out to God in prayer, in desperation, God knows our heart, mind and intent. 
When praying for others, and for their Salvation, we need to be living seriously for God in our lives also, because it may be God’s will to use us to draw others to His Son, Jesus.
The important fact to remember is that as Christ Followers we have Holy Spirit within us, helping, guiding, strengthening us.

God’s Blessings.


About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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One Response to Our Lives Have An Effect On Answered Prayer.

  1. ERIC EASE says:

    Amen. I do my best to live according to God’s will and not my own. Thank you for sharing this George.

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