“THE” ROLL CALL. (Reposted from 2011) 

I felt prompted by Holy Spirit to re-post this at this time. No one knows when this Roll Call will take place.

Revelation 3:5

“Conquerors will march in the victory parade, their names indelible in the Book of Life. I’ll lead them up and present them by name to my Father and his Angels.”  (The Message)

Watching part of the memorial services for 9-11 on Sunday Sept. 11,
2011, 10 years after the terrorist attack, was a very moving time, and again brought tears as the memories resurfaced. Reflecting back to being at Ground Zero in November 2001, and meeting some of the First
Responders who were around the site, brought many memories. These memories included listening to many stories of what happened on that day, and where some of these individuals were, and hearing their broken hearts about fellow First Responders who gave their lives while attempting to rescue others. Memories also included praying with many, hugging some, and wiping tears from many eyes, including my own.

The service on Sept. 11, 2011 also brought reflections of the many letters, names, flowers, cards, etc. that were seen around the site.

During the service, there was a roll call of the names of every person
who was killed during that attack, persons who were working in the complex, as
well as the First Responders. As the names were read out, the camera panned
through the crowd and showed some of the family members. In many cases it was a family member who read the name of a Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, or other relative or friend who died as a result of that attack.

The name of every person who had been working in the complex, and died that day was read in honour of their life.

The name of every First Responder who died that day, giving his or her life in an
attempt to save others whom they did not even know, was read to honour them.

Later in the evening, and on Monday, some thoughts began to circulate in my mind.

Nearly 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ willingly gave His life to save each person who calls upon Him. Jesus knew every one of us, where we would be and what we would do, yet He went to the cross so we can have Life. Jesus went to the cross willingly, and knew He was going to suffer and die, but He considered each
person who would ever live to be worth it, so He gave Himself.

In the service in New York City on Sept. 11, 2011 the names were called of those
who passed away tragically, in remembrance of their lives.

Some day in the future, there is going to be a ROLL CALL in Heaven, where our Lord Jesus Christ is going to take each person who ever called upon Him for
salvation, and present us to His Father by name. That is going to be a day of
celebration like no other. That is going to be a day when those who have known
Jesus as Saviour, but have died in their physical body, will be restored to
life in a Heavenly Body to be with Jesus forever. What a tremendous day, what a
tremendous Roll Call that will be.

We have opportunities to make that Roll Call even larger. There are so many people who do not know Jesus as Saviour, and will not be listed in the Book of Life, and have their name called out as they are presented to our Heavenly Father.

As these thoughts poured into my mind and spirit, the Holy Spirit is giving
encouragement to tell many others of the Good News of Jesus Christ and His
Salvation. The time for the Roll Call is getting closer and so many will not
hear their name called out in that way. We all have people we know or come in
contact with that don’t know Jesus as Saviour. Many have not even heard of His
Gift of Salvation by Grace.

I pray that our faith and boldness will increase, as we hear the voice of the
Spirit of Jesus encouraging us to share the Love and Truth of Salvation in

Acts 1:8

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in
all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  (N.I.V.)


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I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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