Feb. 6, 2015

This has been a long, busy, somewhat positive week chatting with troubled friends in a variety of ways.
JB started the week feeling pretty good except for a cold. Within a couple of days though she was again wondering why she was alive, and could not see positive things in life. Through a number of texting and fb msg chats, JB agreed that she needs to “get past her past”. She needs to quit dwelling on it, and look where she is now, as well as all the positive aspects of life. She got through a couple of days, but then again on Friday she was sad and depressed, thinking about death. When she did admit the reason for being down, it apparently was because of the five street people who recently passed away. After chatting a bit, JB accepted that frustration etc. will not help her. She agreed to give God thanks for Protecting her, and that as bad as some instances in her life have been, to be thankful for what she has, and where she now is.

BM continued getting more depressed and frustrated as the week progressed. He is not at all happy where he is living, in that he feels insecure and unsafe, bugs in the room / building.
We have fb msg a number of times during the week. On one occasion BM was quite drunk and not making sense at all. The next night he admitted to drinking, but said he was not drunk as the previous night. Since BM was having some trouble making his thoughts clear, I suggested we go out for lunch on Friday and chat, which we did.
During our time over lunch we filled out forms for BM to apply for subsidized housing. Today the forms were finally completed and taken to the Housing office. BM had been encouraged to do this for two months, so it is a relief to have this step taken.
Usually BM and I have good interesting chats when together, including current and “ancient” hockey, Christianity, social issues. This day he was not talkative at all, and ready to leave shortly after eating. While driving back, BM admitted he is frustrated and depressed, and during those times all he wants to do is drink. This was discussed, just re-emphasizing to BM that drinking will solve nothing, and every problem, dilemma, and situation will still be there when the drinking stops, plus possibly some additional ones. He did agree and said he would not drink to excess.

Later Friday there was a fb msg with PA. There was an earlier chat this week as well, but this day she was feeling a lot worse again. PA has had a difficult 6-7 years, with a broken relationship, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, losing her job, Mom passing away.
Her fatigue and depression was at a high level today, when she realized how much of the week she slept away.
Then a discussion was started that PA has a half brother she does not know and is wondering about attempting to contact him. It was discussed for a while, then I asked PA a number of questions to consider before proceeding further, and she agreed to them, saying they were things she had not thought of. If she feels an all clear still after considering all things, I told her I would help in any ways I was able.

Each of these troubled friends, along with many others are special to me. For all who believe and have time to pray, they and I would appreciate prayer for each of them.
Thank you, and God’s Blessings.


About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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