Feb. 3, 2015

RP and I were meeting at the coffee shop today since he first had an errand, but he was running late so I had some time alone there. While sitting waiting, Br came in for a coffee, and then came and sat down. Br is a fellow about 50 years old who has suffered some brain damage through the years but gets along ok usually. He lived with, and cared for his Mom until recently when she had to move from her apartment for more care. It was last fall she moved, and then Br moved also, onto the streets. He has been homeless now about five months living in a bush area within the city. I can’t even imagine sleeping outside in -20 degree weather with 12-15 inches of snow. He moves around between three places in the bush so as not to create a path to lead people to him. Currently he is third on the list for a supportive housing unit in the area, but the system of choice would look more favourably on a present drug / alcohol abuser on the streets for at least one year who desires to change.

RP’s OW government payment was not deposited on Friday, so he had to spend time checking it out then going to the office Tuesday to pick up an actual cheque. RP also has a concern re an upcoming court date. He is appealing a decision that refused him disability benefits that would give him considerably more money each month than the OW benefit. RP’s thoughts are that it would help his parents also, whom he lives with. He pays them room and board, so if his allotment increases he will give them more also.

Had some texting time with JB Tuesday night. Her arm is healing since the cutting last Thursday. Her attitude has brightened quite a bit as she seems more positive and wants to improve her life, and is willing to work at it. Her one fear is that she had flashbacks, bringing to her mind some of the things she thought was good in her previous lifestyle, and she does not want to slip back there. I reminded her that is something that happens to many of us, and suggested she read the book of Exodus in the Bible.
Good news is that JB realizes the need and importance of eating, and is now eating meals on her own without being forced.

Had a long fb msg chat with BM Tuesday night. He was very upset with many people, a continuation from the other night. He is angry regarding a previous relationship, as well as with others who interfered. He again is angry at the situation where he is living. At this time, BM has basically nothing good to think or say about almost everyone.
BM and I are having lunch together on Friday to talk more, as well as to get him around to do things that need doing.

I know each of these friends appreciate good wishes and prayers, as I do also when I chat and meet with them. Thank you.
God’s Blessings.


About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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