Final Days / Be Prepared

Final Days / Be Prepared

This morning I was reading in the Gospel of Matthew, and when I read chapters 24 & 25 it was not possible to go on. I was stopped there, reading them over and over. Over the years I have read these passages many times, studied them, and journaled on them, yet this time reading through them was different. Holy Spirit seemed to be saying “Stop, there is more here, important stuff to grasp onto this time and make sure others hear the Truth of the Word. Many have heard and not paid attention, many have heard, paid attention for a while but responded again to the callings of the world and friends there. They need to hear and respond to the true Friend calling them, the One who gave His life for each, Jesus Christ.

Jesus was on the Mount of Olives with His Apostles telling them of the end times, and to be alert. Starting off, Jesus warned them to be alert because many deceivers would be coming in His Name, claiming to be the “Christ”. The Apostles were also warned of false prophets coming. If Jesus warned those who knew Him best to be on guard, especially when they had been with Him continually for three years seeing miracles, healings, deliverances etc., we need to take that same warning to heart.

It is important, and imperative that we know Jesus Christ as Saviour, and we stay close to Him. Now, some may ask how we stay close to Jesus, and aren’t we close when we ask Jesus into our lives, to forgive our sins and guide us. Of course we are close then, but we stay close to Jesus, and know Him better, by reading His Word, the Bible, and talking with Him in prayer.
As we do these things, and have fellowship with other Christ followers, we get even closer to Jesus and know Him better.

We have the promise of Jesus that He is coming back to gather all who have called on His Name, to take us to Heaven for eternity, but the time is not known, so we need to be alert and ready at all times.

One of the reasons the Holy Spirit stopped me at these chapters this morning, I know, is because many people who at one time were followers of Jesus Christ have slipped back into the ways of the world and away from Jesus. There are probably many individual reasons that could be given for this. One is that some got involved in many things in life, possibly all good even, and Jesus was crowded out. Another may be that a person had followed Christ for a number of years, but their life seemed to be getting dull to them so they looked for other ways to fulfill themselves. If this happens, and if the person checked, I believe it would be discovered that their personal time with Jesus in Bible reading and prayer, as well as fellowship with others declined and perhaps even ended. For others it may be that the influence of the things of the world, and non Christ follower friends lured them away from Christ.

Some people may believe they are Christ Followers because they attend a church meeting regularly, or occasionally.

In these parables of Jesus it can be seen that there were people who thought they would be spending eternity with Jesus, but when the time came, Jesus said He never knew them. It also shows where someone thought he was close to the master, but did nothing with what he had been given so had to return his talent. This shows that if someone claims to be serving Jesus but does nothing for Him with any gift that was given, that person better have another look at himself while it is still possible.

There is so much in these chapters I recommend reading, contemplating, studying them, then praying about our own situations perhaps if anyone is in doubt right now, and definitely for others, family and friends whom we know are not walking with Jesus as they once were, or for those who never had made that commitment.

My heart is just aching right now for those who know the Truth of Jesus Christ, have served Him, and are not now for whatever reason.

All Christ followers please PRAY with me, and be ready and available for Holy Spirit to move in lives, and for questions to be raised and people drawn back.

God’s Blessings.

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I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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