Jan. 23, 2015

At the clinic on Thursday morning FB learned that the scab has fallen off the sore on his leg, which means healing is continuing. As it improves, there will be a time when a band aid may be enough, and a weekly appointment rather than twice weekly. Of course we went for a coffee and bagel following the appointment, with a chance to chat about a variety of things.

Upon entering the Community Centre Thursday night it didn’t take long to hear that there was another death on the streets earlier in the day. Anna, a working girl, was found in a laneway behind a dumpster around noon. The definite cause of death is not known yet of course, but her friends suspect a heroin overdose.
It keeps getting more disturbing as Anna is the third person to pass away this month, along with two in December 2014.

A number of the folk at the C.C. seemed to be upset or on edge right from the start on Thursday. BH was loud and angry, stating someone gave his son a hard time. C.T., in his second week back, was controlling himself and attempting to remain calm although he was getting uptight. Someone who owed him money was supposed to be there to pay him back but never showed up, but C.T. stayed controlled and left before he acted on his anger.

JB was waiting, all upset, even after the great experience with the Lord she had on Wednesday. Apparently another volunteer, friend, Christian made some remarks to JB that did not go over well. When JB collapsed earlier in the week this other person was there and helped. Now, JB is a 23 year old young lady, about 5′ 8″ tall, weighing about 110 lbs. The fellow is about 6′ 2″ tall, weighing about 190 lbs. Anyway, he said she hurt him by knocking him into a door frame when she fell. When JB heard this, she was very upset and blamed herself for hurting him, and to punish herself she cut her arms. She had not done any cutting for almost three months, so it is time to start over again. While sitting there talking, JB took a container out of her back pack, opened it, poured out a piece of glass and handed it to me. I thanked her for it, and we spoke of how the enemy attacks right after we take a big step or have an experience like she had Wednesday with the Lord.
An example I used, trying to get her to think straight again was since she cut herself to have pain because the other person claimed to be hurting, it would be the same as me cutting myself right then because I was bothered deeply that she cut herself, and I thought I should suffer as well. She seemed to grasp onto the fact that it was not logical to do that.

One fellow, Dg asked for someone to walk him up the lane to the street sidewalk for protection. He claimed three guys jumped him on Monday night in the washroom, and one of them was again at the Centre. I walked him there with no problem. The previous week an acquaintance of Dg warned us he has a wild imagination and when he gets wound up to let him cool off again on his own. Dg was ranting and raving about people and things as we spoke in the Centre an on the walk.

G & VH were extremely agitated as they were leaving, and were yelling at others sitting at tables in the vicinity of the door. No reason was known, but G has a short fuse always. Stepping between G and the tables, talking to G and directing him toward the open door brought an end to that turmoil.

AH came across the room saying she has to soon move. It sounds like her family wants her away from the rooming house she is in. She agrees partly, but is hesitant. I shared with her that it is best, because there are folk who use drugs in her building and not a good environment for her. She sees the reasoning in that, so will agree to look for another place. (Agrees for now anyway).

Some encouraging news, Jy is attempting to get his learner’s driver’s license, with the goal of obtaining his DZ to drive truck.

Friday morning JB text, again upset and wondering why her life is so hilly, and her emotions have her up and down so often every day. When asked she said she cannot think of causes for the changes, so it was suggested that whenever she senses a negative change coming on to stop and think of what may be the cause. She should write these down, then we can start to work against them once we know some of the basis for the change.
Also, JB was reminded not to rely on her feelings, and allow her feelings to control her. Rely on what she knows, that she is loved by many, Jesus loves her and is her Strength. When troubled, she can call out to Jesus at any time.

These friends have struggles like everyone does, and have difficulty working through them at times,
All prayers are appreciated, if you feel led, and we thank you. God’s Blessings.

About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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