Jan. 19, 2015

JB was having a bit of a tough weekend with negativity thoughts filling her mind. Her texts on Saturday were depressive, but not death wishes. She went to Chapel at the Community Centre on Sunday, but sent a text after the service saying she was having panic attacks without a known cause, fear buildup, anger, crying, and overwhelmed. When I asked, she said the Pastor and three other Spiritual Care volunteers were busy with others. We chatted a bit, and she waited and did have a chance to speak to one of the ladies, and Pastor, so was helped quite a bit. Her one comment that she said was made to a volunteer, was wishing she would get hit by a train or drunk driver on the way home, but she did get past that, with encouragement.
By the time JB left C.C. She was feeling better, and looking to Jesus, but negativity set in again at home. She was wondering about her future and stating how every time she seems to be getting closer to God, more resistance comes up.

One thought came to mind that I mentioned. I told her she is on the right path, but the path is narrow. The path is narrow, but the LIGHT that leads us is bright and TRUTH.
We do need to keep our eyes on the LIGHT though, because if we look to the back (past) or at others (side), we will see shadows and be disturbed. The LIGHT keeps things clear and visible.
Hopefully that helps her a little to focus on Jesus.

BM finally got back to me Sunday afternoon, too late to get together since some of our grandkids were coming over, but we will get together Monday and get his furniture delivery dilemma taken care of. He seems to be doing OK right now, Praise The Lord.

Don’t know the reason, but I slept in a bit on Monday morning, but still had lots of time to pick up FB and take him to the clinic to have his leg looked at and the dressing changed. Following that we headed to the nearest coffee shop. Apparently a nurse or Doctor must have mentioned to FB to take better care of himself due to his diabetes. Previously he would have an extra large coffee with 4 cream and 3 sweetener. It is now changed to 3 milk and 3 sweetener. We will have to see if it helps.

After taking FB home, it was time to meet BM at “The Kitchen” where he was having lunch. Once he finished eating we went downstairs to the 2nd hand shop to arrange for the smaller couch to be delivered. Then time to go for another coffee and chat. This time most of the talk was about old time hockey players and teams from the 1800 – 1900s. Usually our conversations are Scripture based.

JB was struggling during the day on Monday, according to a text, but spoke to a counselor for some help.

On late Monday afternoon JB posted the following, which is a great positive statement.

“I am improving all the time. I am getting stronger and always learning. I respect myself because in spite of the adversities I have faced, I have come through and am rising above them. I may fall down but I always get back up. I won’t give up on myself. I am worth the time it takes to get better.”

My response to JB’s post.

‘Love the last line. So glad to see you write that down JB. Now you are accountable to all who have read that, to continue to believe and live it. “If” you slip, we are then accountable to remind you that “YOU JB are worth the time it takes to get better, and you won’t give up on yourself.” We, as your friends, WILL NOT GIVE UP ON YOU EITHER. You are loved and cared for.’

All that, then I received a text from JB at 8:30p.m. saying she collapsed three times tonight while at the Community Centre. She is still there, but I wanted to post this to give others an opportunity to please pray.

Thanks for all prayers for these friends. God’s Blessings.

About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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