Jan. 13, 2015

Received a text from JB early this morning, early for her, 9:00a.m. She was awake and not doing bad apart from some sniffles. The good news was that she has heat in her apartment, and at -21 Celcius outside, heat is needed. She took the advice given of turning the dial higher on the register, and voila–heat was there and the fan started to blow. A great start to the day when I heard that.

More favourable news, although mixed with bad news. CH called this morning and he has a ride to his out of town appointment for the MRI next week. He was allowing anxiety about that to consume his mind completely. The down side of his news is that he has extreme pain in the calf of his leg still and cannot see his Doctor until next week. The blood thinners apparently should ease the pain by dissolving the blood clot but that is not happening yet.

RP didn’t reply to two texts, but I went to get him as usual on Tuesday. While sitting in his driveway, someone arrived home, possibly his Dad, and I asked the person to let RP know I was there. Another ten minutes or so passed, and with still no response I left for the usual Coffee Shop. My phone rang just as I arrived in the lot, and it was RP. He had just woken up and wondered if I would return and get him, which I did. RP had had a rough Monday night and said he needed to get it off his chest.
RP had a bad seizure on Monday night, outside in the cold. The friends with him said it lasted 13 – 15 minutes. He had gotten home particularly late, therefore slept in today.
As we were sitting in the coffee shop, three other friends came in an stopped to chat for a few minutes. Da and Le were with RP. on Monday night when the seizure came on. Ma and another friend came in as well.
We thought Sm may have met us today but he didn’t show. There were mixed feelings because Sm and Le (above) were a couple who just broke up, and Da (above) is Le’s new guy.

Months ago, when we started to get together on Tuesday afternoons, there were a couple of other guys going to join us, but there has been no consistency. So I asked RP today if he wanted to continue or stop for a while, since he has had a difficult time being up by 1:30p.m. to go have lunch. He wants to continue meeting as he says he needs someone to talk with, share his troubles, and unload to, who will listen and give feedback that means something and pertains to his situation.

When RP was taken to the Community Centre for the rest of the afternoon and evening, there were a few others outside for a smoke break, as well as inside.

BM left a couple of messages today when I was out and couldn’t respond. He found a couch for his room that goes with his decor, and wondered about a loan til months end. I couldn’t get back to him on time but hope he understands I am unable to help at this time. I lent him rent money in the fall, with no return yet as he had nothing and is suffering.I will not push for money as I know the difficulty people have these days, and I won’t lend in a situation like that if I can’t afford to get along without that money.

As always, prayer is appreciated for all these friends. God’s Blessings.


About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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