Jan. 9, 2015

Jan. 9, 2015

I usually attempt to keep Friday’s open, free from any planned meetings, appointments for others that involves driving them, so my wife and I have a day free for wandering through malls, antique outlets, second hand shops, whatever we feel like.

There is one thing I do attempt to do on a Friday, although at times it is a carry over until Saturday. During the week the guests at the Centre are encouraged to make prayer requests known and write them out on special cards, then on Thursday night I collect them. Whenever we do get any, I gather the requests, compile them and email the list to a prayer team. The prayer team consists of “Spiritual Care Worker” volunteers and the C.C. Staff members. This is considered an important part of the ministry at the C.C., so we can show the guests faith in Jesus, demonstrate His Love, and show how all things of concern can be prayed about.

Of course there are always exceptions, as well as phone calls, texts, fb messages etc.
This day though went pretty well as planned. I drove my wife, Barb, for a Doctor appointment, then made a quick stop at a smaller mall to exchange an item, then returned home.

There were a few texts from JB. She is feeling better today, feeling stronger, and she did eat twice. That was great, since for a while, and even last night JB said she felt a panic attack coming on at the mention of food.

Late afternoon JB text said a panic attack was coming on, and she couldn’t focus. I suggested she attempt reading to get her mind off herself, and that seemed to help. A 7:40 text said JB ate supper and all was well.
Some good news from JB that I believe I forgot to post yesterday, JB has consented to go see a Doctor next week, with the plan of seeing a Psychologist whenever an appointment can be had.

One concern today is that I have not heard from BM at all. He has been in contact every day. Hopefully he is staying where it is warm, and hasn’t had a setback of anxiety leading him to drinking again. He is in the Lord’s hands, I can pray, and believe that BM hears the voice of the Spirit of Jesus directing him.

As always, all prayers are appreciated for these friends who are suffering. There are many besides these mentioned, some who will probably be mentioned in the future. God’s Blessings.


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I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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