Jan. 7, 2015

Jan. 7, 2015
This was a relatively quiet day compared to some. Only two things were scheduled for this day, apart from regular home or family responsibilities. FB is a friend from Street Ministry as well as the C.C. (Community Centre). FB had a dental appointment and asked if I was available to give him a lift. Twice a week FB also has an appointment at a health clinic to change a dressing on his leg, as well as keep an eye on it for drainage. He has cellulitis on one leg and it is not healing as quick as the nurses would like, so I see him regularly to drive him to that appointment as well.
This must be dental week, because yesterday RP also inquired about a ride to a dentist appointment today at the same time, but a different direction in the city. He will be able to get a bus to his appointment.

While waiting in a coffee shop for FB, a text was received from another Street Ministry, C.C. friend JB. The text read that JB wanted to die. She goes through this stage periodically, feeling sick and not wanting to go on with life. On the plus side, JB has not cut herself in two months, although she measured her neck for a rope one night during that time. She has agreed to see a Doctor, and said she will eat, although she claims the thought and sight of food make her ill.

If you are inclined, please pray for JB to come through this time positively, think well of herself, eat healthier and keep the appointment with the Doctor.

Later in the day I made a short stop at the C.C. to go through the yearly safety orientation and walk through the entire building which did not take too long. While at the C.C. In the evening, JB was seen and spoken with. Her panic attacks lasted all day, and she fell, almost passing out while three of us chatted together. It was discovered that her apartment, that she just moved into, has no heat at all. With the overnight temperatures now dropping to approximately -20C she needed something. One of the staff at C.C. was able to lend JB a space heater, so hopefully JB will be warm.

While at C.C. G & V were seen and spoken with for a few minutes. They recently moved, and G is a super at the new building. They are already having issues with some of the tenants, and their history is that many times they are the agitators.

In conversation with the staff member on duty tonight, I inquired about a guest who has been banned for a while and learned that DR is still struggling with alcohol, but there is another meeting planned for Friday to discuss her situation.

Each of these friends has value, but each has lived a life filled with hurts and struggles of various kinds and degrees. Their need is to accept that they have value, and God had a plan and purpose for each life.

If you feel led, and they come to mind, please be free to pray for them. God’s Blessings.


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I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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