A New Years Start With Troubled Friends

A New Years Start With Troubled Friends

As this new year begins I have chosen to change the concept of this blog. I’ll give it a try anyway as an experiment. Previously the blog would consist of “thots” that came to mind and then put together.

Rather than blogging thoughts, although all Scriptural and truth, and I will do more, this will be a start of personal activities of interaction with friends met at a Christian based Community Centre and Drop In, as well as friends met on the streets of the city. Situations will be true but names will be altered of course.

For a number of months I have met with RP each Tuesday. I purchase lunch for him, and we sit and chat about a variety of things. Others have also been invited to join, and have periodically, but none on a consistent basis.
The time is called “Care ‘N Share” as we can share about life and care for one another. RP suffers with epilepsy, with seizures almost daily, as well as anxiety and anger.

SM, DH, BM also joined us when they chose or had time. Each of these friends had their share of issues and problems in their lives, and struggle with a variety of issues.
On this day, Jan. 6, 2015 as RP and I were sitting eating, SM joined us. SM was not his jovial self and it didn’t take long to discover that he had cut both his forearms earlier in the day. He is suffering depression currently, with it getting deeper and he struggles in handling it. RP also has been a cutter, and suffered depression, so they try to help one another as long as both are not suffering at the same time.

BM was moved into a rooming house on the week end, after spending about a month in a motel room provided by a homeless shelter because BM could not sleep in shelters due to anxiety. After fixing a hatch on the rooming house door on the weekend for a padlock to fit, following meeting with RP and SM today I returned to see BM and attach a chain lock to the inside so no entry could be made during the night when BM was asleep.

One last concern for today. Over the previous weekend, RX, one of our street friends passed away. RX was a working girl, about 35 years old, who had been cleaning up her life and staying away from drugs. She was doing well. In late summer on one of our Street Ministry nights, RX came looking for our team to tell me how she was doing and to ask for prayer for continued strength and health. Her family needs prayer for peace during this difficult time.

This is a start. These are great people, friends who are hurting greatly in a variety of ways. If anyone reading this feels inclined to join with me in praying for them, I would appreciate it. Thank you. God’s Blessings.


About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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