Early in the Book of Mark, it records that Jesus spends much time with His followers, teaching them, telling parables, driving out evil spirits. He also healed Peter’s Mother-in-Law, as well as a leper, a paralytic, and many others. It is also during this time that Jesus appoints His twelve apostles that they might be with Him, that He would send them out to preach and have authority to drive out demons.

More teaching and parables, and explanation of the parables to the apostles, is recorded in Mark 4, and near the end of the chapter Jesus suggests they cross the lake in a boat. A storm blew in and the apostles woke Jesus, and said “Teacher, don’t You care if we drown?” Jesus calmed the wind and the waves, then said to His apostles “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

After all they had seen, after all they had been taught, and after what Jesus had told them specifically, the apostles seemed to still have doubts and fear.

Jesus narrowed it right down when He said “Do you still have no faith?”
All this time spent with Jesus, and being told by Jesus what they could go and do in His Power, and they still had doubts, and Jesus questioned their faith.

What was wrong with these guys?
(I hope you realize that is a rhetorical question written in a humorous way.)

In reading where Jesus asks the question, He has probably asked me that question many times. I have the Bible, and all the teachings of Jesus. I have the indwelling Holy Spirit, and the fullness of the Holy Spirit through the baptism with the Holy Spirit in Power. I have experienced the Touch of Jesus, as well as the leading of His Spirit, and the manifestation of His Power.  Jesus has done so much in my life, and through me for His glory, and yet at times He could ask that same question, “Do you still have no faith?”

I think back to the time in 1999 when I had severe back pain due to a bulging disc pressing against the sciatica. This went on for months, as I saw a Doctor and therapist regularly. It was only when the Lord showed me the reason for the problem was a Spiritual battle, that the enemy was attempting to stop ministry, and I asked for specific prayer to gain victory and healing, that the enemy had to take his hands off. When I shared this with the Dr. and therapist, they were both amazed, and had no comment since they had both told me about a week earlier that it was a slow process and would take a great deal of time yet. God healed me and was glorified as I was able to share what He did with many people.
(Do I still have no faith?)

About 1978 when my Dad was 60-61 years of age, he became quite ill, and was in the hospital. His one lung was filled with fluid, and his second lung had collapsed, and the Dr. said he had 3-4 days to live. While praying for Dad one night when he was in the hospital, I heard the Lord speak the words “Be specific with what you ask.” I then prayed for the fluid to be removed from the one lung, and for the other lung to be returned to normal. I felt a peace at that time, and could pray no more, so went to sleep. The next day when I went to see Dad, he was sitting up in bed, talking and laughing. The Dr. checked him out and said it had to be a miracle, his one lung was returned to normal, and the fluid was removed from his second lung. After another couple of days Dad was released from hospital, returned to work until he was 65, and lived until he was 85.
(Do I still have no faith?)

Earlier in the 1970s a few of us from the church we attended met for prayer early on Thursday mornings. A gentleman who attended the church also, was diagnosed with throat cancer during this time. His wife knew we met, and called to ask us to meet with her husband, anoint him and pray for him.  We gladly met with Alex to share the Word, anoint and pray. During the prayer time, the Lord gave a vision of touching the throat of Alex and healing him. Praise erupted in the room, and when Alex saw the Dr., and got more x-rays, as was previously scheduled, the next day, there was no sign of cancer in his body.
(Do I still have no faith?)

Also in the ‘70s the son of friends was rushed to hospital with breathing problems. While praying after their phone call, a peace flooded over completely, and prayer for healing could no longer be expressed, but praise for healing erupted. He was healed completely and returned home after the Dr. checked him over and found no problem.
(Do I still have no faith?)

During the years as well, there have been a number of times when we have been contacted to pray for people for other healings, as well as for deliverance of evil spirits. As the Lord prepared us, we willingly followed His leading, and witnessed His touch on many lives, drawing people to Jesus, and cleansing them of sin and delivering from the control of a variety of evil spirits.
(Do I still have no faith?)

Our Lord Jesus has done so much in my life, and I have been blessed to be a conduit for Him to work through to touch and heal others in a variety of ways and times.

I declare to stand firm, and walk in faith and obedience, serving Jesus as He leads, in the Power of His Spirit.

I declare to speak boldly of our Lord, Saviour, Healer, Deliverer.
(The desire is to hear our Lord Jesus say that I do walk and live in faith—well done good and faithful servant)



About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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