Mark 4:1-20

For a number of days, these verses in this passage have been swirling around in my mind.

This is the parable Jesus told of the farmer sowing seed, and the various types of ground the seed landed on.

When seed lands on soil that has not been prepared for it, the seed will not have successful growth.

When seed lands amongst thistles, it will get crowded out and die.

When seed lands on hard ground, it just sits there and birds eat it.

When seeds fall among rocks where there is a bit of soil, it grows a bit, but then gets burned by the sun, and has no roots going deep to get food and water.

 Before planting, a farmer needs to prepare the ground he is going to plant the seeds in.

Each fall, following the harvest, he churns up the soil to prepare it for the following spring’s planting.

At this time as well, he removes all rocks that have surfaced. He turns all the leavings from the harvest back into the ground to assist in keeping the soil healthy.

 Many people whom we come into contact with are similar to ground that is hard and trodden down, rocky and filled with thistles.

This is due to many hardships during their lives, some self-inflicted and some inflicted by others.

 Before we can effectively sow seeds that will produce, we need to prepare the soil of the mind, heart, emotions, and spirit.

Due to being hurt by people, people whom were trusted, many we connect with have been hardened.

Due to addictions and substance abuse, many have had their entire system crowded out, as if by thistles and thorns, and will not have anything within them which will enable seed to grow.

As well, many friends get excited as they hear, and receive what is said, while they are in positive Christian company, but when again on their own, it is the same as soil amongst the rocks and no root can be gotten, and they die.

Perhaps it is our ministry to many, to till the soil of their entire being during this season. Perhaps we can encourage and help in various ways so trust will be built and the ground within each person softened.

Perhaps we can pour love into people enough so the thistles and thorns can be burned out and the seeds can then be planted and they will flourish.

Perhaps as we show true concern, care and love, we will be able to remove the rocks of fear, bitterness, anger, hatred, discontent, mistrust, depression, discouragement, and abusive memories.

As these rocks are removed, there will be a possibility to plant seeds that can take root and grow into love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, and kindness, as people come to the place of knowing Jesus.


About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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