Four friends were carrying a paralytic man to see Jesus. They heard that Jesus was in a particular place, and they must have had faith that Jesus could heal their friend, in order to carry him there. We don’t know how far or how long they carried him, but it probably was quite a distance, since when they arrived the house was filled, and others were already standing outside.
There is no word given saying if the paralyzed man himself had faith, or if he just went along for “the ride”. Nothing is recorded of the man making any comments following the healing and forgiveness by Jesus either.
Some thoughts come to mind while spending time on this passage. The only way the paralyzed man could get to Jesus was for others to take him. His friends cared for him enough, and trusted in Jesus enough, to put the effort in to plan the trip and to carry their friend.
There are certain people each of us know that need Jesus, but may be paralyzed spiritually, or mentally, and are blocking themselves from hearing the Holy Spirit calling them.
Perhaps we can be a friend who will lead them to the place where they will hear Jesus speaking to them. Jesus may speak to these friends through us, or through someone else, but they need to be led to the place to hear Him first.
These four friends carried their friend to where Jesus was, but they could not enter the house because of the crowd. Once there, and seeing the doorway blocked, they did not get discouraged, but found a way to get their friend to Jesus, by uncovering a place on the roof, and lowering him through the hole.
When we are walking with someone on the road to Jesus, many blockades can come along, such as the person gets distracted by other people or happenings going on. Sometimes the person may think it is fate that all ways are blocked, and it is not meant to be. At times the person may think it is taking too long, or there are too many changes that need to be made.

We also need to consider a number of things. A thought will come to mind, or others may say, that enough has been done, or enough time has been spent on this one person. Do we leave our friend at the door of the house, saying sorry, we tried but nothing is going to happen? Do we carry our friend home again; disappointed that he did not meet Jesus, even though he was so close?
If the Holy Spirit has led us to minister to this friend, and help this friend, the Holy Spirit will continue to give us the strength and encouragement to continue on. Perhaps there is another avenue we can look at to introduce our friend to Jesus.
As the friends in the Scripture went and uncovered the roof to lower their friend, we may have to uncover some more of our friend’s thoughts and blockages that are keeping him from Jesus.
All the way along the road the friends in Scripture carried their friend, he could never be on his own to go toward Jesus. Friends that we know cannot move toward Jesus on their own, they continually need some help to be carried along the roadway to Jesus.
When the paralyzed friend was brought before Jesus, and healed and forgiven, there was much rejoicing, and the friends could see that their effort was not in vain.
When we see a friend we have been carrying and sharing with turn to Jesus, there is much joy and we also see that the effort was worth it all.
I say to myself, never give up on anyone. The Holy Spirit is still working and He is still working through each of us to touch and change lives for Jesus.

About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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  1. wisejunction says:

    Never give up! It could take a lifetime of reaching out and supporting and carrying someone to Jesus, but then again it could take a day. God knows their heart and he loves them and wants them to come to Him. We need to have that same desire for others salvation as He has for them.

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