Don’t Settle For Less Than God Is Giving


Acts 3:1-10
Peter and John were on their way to the temple, when they saw a man who had been crippled since birth sitting at the Gate called Beautiful, begging.
Peter and John responded to the man, and Peter spoke, saying, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.”
Then Peter took him by the right hand and helped him up, and instantly the man’s feet and ankles became strong.

After Peter spoke, the man had to be willing to make a move to get up, in faith. The crippled man was not healed as Peter spoke. He did not sit there and watch to see if there would be a change in his feet and ankles. He did not sit there and wait for any feelings in his feet and ankles to change.
The crippled man did not just sit there, saying “Ya right”, and be disappointed because Peter and John did not give him money that he had been asking for. He did not start looking beyond Peter and John to see whom else was going by that he could call out to and beg from.
He listened to what Peter said, and paid attention to what Peter did, and followed through in obedience.

If he would not have had the faith to reach out and take Peter’s hand and attempt to stand, he would have continued sitting there begging the rest of his life.

God tells each of us to “WALK”. He has different paths for us to walk down. He has different areas in life, and different ministries for us to be involved in, but His first instruction is to “WALK”.

By faith, we need to hear Him and reach out. Jesus is our Strength and He will lift us and send us in the direction He has already prepared for us, and prepared us for.

We may be sitting just outside the Temple, at the entrance gate, looking to people to provide for us and supply what we need.
These needs may be Spiritual, since we are so close to the temple but not inside; emotional, as we may have the mind-set that others think poorly of us as we ask for their help; material, as we cannot get items we need on our own or even provide the means for getting them; physical, as we are in a weakened state and are really unable to move on our own.

When people in the area were surprised by the healing, Peter told them what is recorded in
Acts 3:16
“By faith in the Name of Jesus this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus’ Name and the faith that comes through Him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see.”

This same Jesus will touch us and heal us, and strengthen us today, and give us direction for our lives as we put our faith in Him and in His Name.

As Jesus extends His hand to us, we need to reach out and grab it, and His Strength will flow into us and through us to touch others for His Glory.

About gmgoetz

I am on the journey of life, attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus, live in His Love, and share His Love however He leads, and to whomever He leads.
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